Sharespace icon system

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Sharespace icon system

Collaborating with the startup team at Sharespace (San Francisco) which reimagined how cities and homeowners consider building usage.

About Sharespace
Sharespace is a community of neighbors building friendlier and more efficient cities starting with storage. Now, instead of traveling miles away to drop your things off into a space consuming and crime attracting warehouse,  drop your things off at your neighbor's perfectly empty space.

The challenge
Help the Sharespace team expand their icon system with new custom illustrative add-ons.

The outcome
Four new illustrative icons to help hosts during their onboarding experience. The icons connect to their existing design system. They are available in the versatile SVG format.

Designing add-ons for an existing illustrative style. To match Sharespace’s clean and friendly style, all the new illustrative icons needed to be outlined and accompanied by light-blue filled counter areas. Here are some examples to compare the existing icons with the new ones.

Sketching. Here are some early interpretations that I made to find the best visual balance. The challenge was to find the right, consistent metaphor to be maintained across the system.

Anatomy. While each symbol is unique, certain shapes and spaces are shared across symbols. An icon family represents shared patterns and attributes across a collection of symbols.

1. Stroke terminal
2. Flat element
3. Filled counter area
4. Counter stroke

Icon grid. A 128 x 128-pixel grid to ensure pixels fit exactly on screens.