We offer a unique, speedy and flexible service based on a true understanding of your icon design needs. We build long-lasting partnerships that ensure quality and continuity that you can trust and rely upon. We design your custom icons for a fixed price and execute for you following a transparent process

Fixed Price Packages

  1. Develop a completely new icon style and system from scratch (for web, mobile, app or print projects).

  2. Design custom add-ons for an existing icon style that has already been developed.

  3. Usability Testing of Icons: the only way to know whether a particular icon will work is to test it with real users. To ensure prospective users understand the meaning and purpose of icons and thus determine how usable the icons designed are, We’ll conduct usability testing sessions with real users. The tests aim to address the different aspects of icon usability: findability, recognition, information scent, and attractiveness. Deliverables include a final report with actionable recommendations to improve your icon designs. Each research project is customizable to your goals and timeline needs. 

"Carlotta provides both deep, strategic design thinking and high-quality, usable icon systems. I'm a big fan."

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