The new
Restroom Alert

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The new <br>Restroom Alert

Restroom Alert is a unique (and first-of-its-kind) Restroom Management System developed to help businesses provide consistently clean, well-stocked and fully functional public restrooms.

The power of their system comes from anonymous Restroom Alert SMS text messages sent by the public when they would like to report an issue with a restroom. A multi platform app designed for multi-unit franchise or chain store operators who need to maintain hundreds or thousands of clean restrooms in locations worldwide.

A complete re-design following Isotype standards.
The new icon system comes with a universally accepted visual language. Based on an international “Isotope” visual dictionary, the refined symbols work on many different UIs–from mobile and in-app to website and advertising.

Solid design principles and metrics.
To match the new icon style, the icons needed to be based on specific Isotype standards. The original shapes weren’t constructed to work in a consistent system. The new icons, newly designed with solid design principles and key metrics, are consistent and clear.

1. Counter stroke
2. Small rounded stroke terminal
3. Corner radius
4. Large rounded stroke terminal

Optical volume optimization.
To maintain a unified look as well as create icons with accuracy and alignment, a precise custom grid has been adopted, and the optical volume of the icons has been balanced across the complete set.

Obvious symbols.
Our universally accepted symbols focus on culturally familiar metaphors.

Here are some early explorations that show all the variations I made to find the best visual balance for a 'shower service' icon. The challenge was to find a symbol that follows the standard Isotope icon but also implements the new defined visual style.

"Carlotta is an incredibly talented designer and was a real pleasure to work with. Her insight was very helpful at all stages of the project and her deliverables were spot on. We will surely use her again when the need arises."

Rod Dornsife, CEO & Co-Founder at Restroom Alert