Cleancult icon system

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Cleancult icon system

Helping an NYC & Puerto Rico startup refine its illustrative icon system.

About cleancult
Cleancult is an innovative startup that delivers the most effective, non toxic laundry detergent directly to your door monthly, so that you can feel clean, not chemicals.

The challenge
Help the Cleancult team expand their icon system with new custom illustrative icons.

The outcome
Nine new illustrative icons to help customers choose their cleaning agents and cleaning plan. The shape and diagonals of the icons connect to their existing brand guidelines.

Key shapes and diagonals of the outlined icons derive from the diagonals and shapes of the logotype. This connects the icon system to the corporate design.

1. Brand logo
2. Laundry symbol
3. Cleancult's website

Dot pattern & attributes.
Illustrative icons have added dimension using the attributes of dot pattern, fill, and colour. Contrasting dot patterns and fill colours enable the use of multiple brand colours and can speak with the most friendly and positive visual voice.

Here are some early interpretations that show key variations made to find the best visual balance for ‘shipment-frequency’ icons. The icons help the customer answer the question “How often do you clean your house?" and, hence, choose the cleaning plan based on their cleaning frequency. The challenge was to find the right, consistent metaphor to be maintained across the system as well as symbolize the differences between the cleaning plans offered.

Icons in action.
Cleancult makes green cleaning products that actually clean, without the heavy plastics that clutter your home and our world. Made with the world in mind. Here below you can find the icons in action (cleancult's responsive website).

"Xicons studio helped us to create great-looking, on-brand icons which we currently use on our website. We have a very specific brand identity which Carlotta was quick in recognizing and applying to all the design work she did for us. We had a great experience working with them! Definitely recommended."

Luis Santiago, Director of Strategic Implementation at Cleancult